TELS Community Research Goals

Strategic Interests Goals Anticipated Outcomes
Information Technology and Curriculum Development Create and document new learning environments enriched by computer visualizations of scientific phenomena that teachers can customize.

Test these learning environments in schools with diverse student populations.
Improve student achievement in science.

Increase the number and quality of students applying for postsecondary education in science and science education.
Professional Development Increase the number and diversity of teachers and administrators who can take full advantage of information technology to support science learning.

Develop research-based models and materials for professional development.
Develop sustainable school leadership approaches to support science instruction that takes advantage of technological tools.
Graduate Education Expand graduate programs in technology-enhanced science education. Increase the number and diversity of graduate students in science education who are expert in educational technology-related research, curriculum development, professional development, and policy.

Stimulate development of new gradate programs that prepare leaders in science educational technology.
Create a diverse pool of educational leaders and policy makers knowledgeable about science programs that effectively incorporate educational technology.
Science Education Research Increase the amount and quality of research examining how effectively information technology can improve science learning. Generate a substantial body of research on the use of information technology to improve science education in diverse schools and classrooms.
Effective Use of Information Technology in Science Education Form partnerships dedicated to enhancing science education through information technology. Form open source communities to design improved instructional materials. Create sustainable support for partnerships that are enhancing science education through technology.