Continuous Learning and Automated Scoring in Science

The CLASS project investigates how to provide continuous assessment and feedback to guide students' understanding during science inquiry-learning experiences, as well as detailed guidance to teachers and administrators through a technology-enhanced system.

In partnership with Educational Testing Services (ETS), the main goals for CLASS are:

  1. To develop five automated inquiry assessment activities that capture students' abilities to integrate their ideas and form coherent scientific arguments
  2. To customize the WISE learning platform by incorporating automated scores
  3. To investigate how students' systematic feedback based on these scores improve their learning outcomes
  4. To design professional development resources to help teachers use scores to improve classroom instruction, and administrators to make better informed decisions about teacher professional development and inquiry instruction

Automated assessment activities will capture students’ abilities to integrate their ideas and to form coherent scientific arguments. CLASS will design inquiry curricula featuring automated assessments for over 4,000 middle school students and 29 teachers in three diverse Northern California school districts. The project will investigate how student guidance based on CLASS scores can improve learning outcomes and design professional development resources to help teachers use CLASS scores to improve inquiry instruction as well as help administrators make informed decisions about supports for science learning.