MySystem: Promote Cumulative Learning

MySystem is a computer-based diagramming and modeling environment enabling students to diagram connections and characterize the transformation of energy within systems. Within the project, MySystem will facilitate students’ discussion of energy topics and provide a means of annotating and relating concepts, such as energy transformations, modes of energy transfer, thermodynamic properties, efficiency, and conservation.

Students using MySystem will be able to create, edit, and share diagrams portraying the energy transfer and transformations within scenarios they encounter across science topics. MySystem will particularly help students develop diagrams to accompany the energy stories they create within the CLEAR project.

CLEAR Energy Stories as instructional tools

In the MySystem interface, objects are represented by icons that students drag into the main field of view. By connecting these objects with arrows, students can depict the energy transfers occurring within the represented system. By employing different arrow colors and labels, students can describe the different forms of energy involved in various transfers and annotate the mode of energy transfer occurring.

MySystem is developed in Javascript and HTML, based on the open-source framework WireIt, and makes use of the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) graphical libraries. The software runs natively in all modern browsers, using the HTML 5 Canvas specification for graphical display.