CLEAR Professional Development

Providing CLEAR Professional Development

During the first project year we have identified teachers to participate in CLEAR. We have held meetings to discuss the goals of the project, elicit ideas, and identify obstacles.

Summer Workshops
The summer workshop program is designed to promote teachers' knowledge integration about technology-enhanced inquiry science and cumulative learning. CLEAR teachers participate in annual 3- to 5-day summer workshops. The knowledge integration framework shapes the design of the workshops. The first workshop took place June 7-9, 2009. Browse the agenda from the 2009 workshop for more detailed information about the meeting's activities.

Teacher Interviews and Written Reflections
To document teacher ideas as they participate in CLEAR, we conduct interviews with all participating teachers. We have developed structured, baseline interviews to elicit teachers' ideas about instruction and promoting cumulative learning. Questions focus on instruction and assessment strategies to help students connect ideas about energy within a unit, across units, and across years, as well as teachers' knowledge of their students' ideas about energy in particular topics.

In addition to face-to-face interviews, we are also collecting data through written reflections. Teachers complete written reflections at the end of each day of the annual teacher workshops. Reflections are designed to elicit more specific ideas about teachers' use of student data in customizing instruction and promoting cumulative learning.

We have analyzed initial interviews and reflection data collected during the 2009 summer workshop to gain a sense of where teachers were starting in their beliefs about cumulative learning. In subsequent years, the interview protocol and reflection questions will be refined based on data analysis.

Classroom Support
Because teachers are co-located in a few schools, we expect teachers to support each other during the school year. Researchers also provide participating teachers with additional support as needed.