LOOPS Curricula

LOOPS Long-Term Curriculum Goals

To test LOOPS ideas about formative research, we have proposed two large curriculum units for an 8th grade physical science course. The large size of the units will give teachers enough time to become familiar with this new approach and give us a chance to see its impact.

We are developing units that include all the content needed to address the California 8th grade middle school Force and Motion (F&M) and Chemical Reactions (CR) standards. If each standard is given the same class time, F&M requires approximately 6-8 weeks and CR 4-6 weeks.

The LOOPS curriculum units are built using the same general structure as other TELS Community curricula, based on the WISE platform. WISE projects generally consist of a series of activities, each activity consisting of a fixed sequence of steps. Students, working in pairs or small groups, are expected to progress through the activities and steps that make up a project linearly. Because our goal in LOOPS is to provide teachers with real-time feedback and allow them to customize instruction based on that feedback, we are creating LOOPS curriculum units that give teachers more control.

We are providing teachers the ability to intersperse activities that are not computer-based: discussions, demonstrations, hands-on labs, etc. Furthermore, teachers will be able to expose or hide activities in the LOOPS projects at will and even on a team-by-team basis. We are developing a technology infrastructure and tools that take advantage of the proven effectiveness demonstrated by the WISE platform but also enable rich, real-time student data along with better opportunities for teacher customization of instruction.

To access curriculum materials and view LOOPS software and activities, visit the LOOPS homepage at the Concord Consortium.