LOOPS Feedback

Feedback Loops

In all of our curriculum development we are emphasizing "loops" - i.e., the feedback, reporting, and actions - that we intend to build in. We have developed a list of different kinds of loops, each consisting of some formative data and associated actions that a teacher could take. We are discussing these ideas with teachers and continually refining the scenarios and loops for each of the curriculum units.

Four kinds of feedback loops are being implemented:

  1. Flag N. Students will be able to submit notes about specific steps in their activities, which can consist of text and images. The teacher will be able to review these and flag any number of them to be shared with the class and discussed.
  2. Polling. The teacher will be able to push a multiple-choice, multimedia question that will appear on all students’ computers. Responses will be summarized on the teacher machine and able to be projected or sent to student computers for discussion.
  3. Inquiry Indicators. Some of the activities will return data that indicates how systematic students are in exploring a model or using a probe. These indicators will be returned to the teacher who can use the data to decide how students should proceed.
  4. Smart Graphs. Smart Graphs can automatically identify graph features such as inflection points, monotonic regions, maxima and minima, and so forth, whether a graph is produced by real-world or model data or drawn by a student. This will enable the LOOPS software to comment on the students' graph, scaffold their efforts, and report on their success or failure at specific tasks.