LOOPS Research

LOOPS Research Goals

The LOOPS project is based on the idea that accurate and timely data about student learning can help teachers make adaptations to their teaching that will increase student learning. We are exploring this idea in the context of what we believe is already an excellent, research-based learning environment: guided explorations that use computer-based models and probes. Our central research question is whether we will see additional gains if we provide formative feedback data to teachers utilizing TELS resources and suggest actions that teachers can take based on this data.

We are considering four main questions:

  1. How do teachers use LOOPS resources?
  2. What is the impact of the LOOPS curriculum on student learning?
  3. How does the LOOPS professional development contribute to the impact of the LOOPS curriculum?
  4. How effective is the LOOPS design process?

We have created and administered a baseline assessment for the two topics in the LOOPS curriculum (middle school Force and Motion and Chemical Reactions), selected teachers to participate in the first studies, and worked with them to design the initial curriculum units. We are currently piloting the curriculum units in LOOPS classrooms.