MODELS observation protocol

MODELS Primary Research Questions

1. What supports enable school leaders to design, customize, and sustain effective professional development for inquiry science?
We research the school-based mentors' interactions with teachers and the university partners. We are tracking changes to the mentors' activities over time.

2. How does emergent school-based professional development compare to research-supported university-based professional development?
We are looking at two indicators of the success of the professional development: student understanding and changes in teacher practice. To track student understanding we are using both instruction sensitive assessments and embedded assessments. To track teacher practice we are observing classroom practice and interviewing teachers. (See example observation and interview protocols.)

3. How can MODELS Online support the effectiveness of school-based mentors?
We created an online support environment and we are tracking mentors' and teachers' use of the environment. We interviewed teachers about their needs for an online environment and community.


For more details on our results and findings, see the MODELS publications list.