SURGE Learning Game Design

The SURGE computer game involves navigating a player-controlled spaceship through a variety of challenges. Students use keyboard arrow keys to apply impulses to the spaceship, thereby modifying the motion of the spaceship or modifying the trajectory of projectiles launched by the ship. The spaceship navigates through a series of 2-D and 3-D challenge game levels, attempting to achieve a specified objective for each level that requires the application of physics concepts.

Surge Game 1 Surge Game 2 Surge Game 3

The main heroine in the game is named Surge. In the introductory level, Surge discovers that a race of creatures called Fuzzies has been subjugated by an evil leader and his henchmen. Surge takes it upon herself to free the Fuzzies. Along the way, the rescued Fuzzies provide Surge with useful information that helps her learn some of the physics knowledge and skills that enable her to complete the challenges to save the Fuzzies.

To explore SURGE game demos and for more information about the project, visit the SURGE homepage.