Sample Scoring Rubric Using the Knowledge Integration Framework

Question: The leopard shark has one generation in one year while the giant kelpfish has three generations in one year. If there is an El Nino event and ocean water warms, both fish will need to adapt to the changed habitat if these species are to survive. Will the fish adapt at different rates?

Choose one: Yes or No. Explain your answer.

KI Level Response Description Example Response
Students have a systemic understanding of science concepts.
Compare similarities and differences between contexts, and apply concepts relevant to each context.
Students understand how more than two science concepts interact in a given context.
Elaborate two or more scientifically valid links among ideas relevant to a given context. Because genetic variability is created at the procreating of offspring, kelpfish would have a larger gene pool as a result of having more opportunities to mutate, and so it would adapt faster.
Students understand how two scientific concepts interact in a given context.
Elaborate a scientifically valid link between two ideas relevant to a given context. There is more of a chance for beneficial traits to flourish when a creature reproduces more frequently.
Students recognize potential connections between concepts but cannot elaborate the nature of the connections specific to a given context.
Have relevant ideas but do not fully elaborate links between them in a given context. The more fish there are, the more chance of variation there is, so the kelpfish are more likely to have more specimens that are equipped for warm water than the smaller shark population.
(incomplete reproduction rate —> genetic variation)
Students have relevant ideas but do not connect them in a given context.
Have relevant ideas but fail to recognize links between them.

Make links between relevant and irrelevant ideas.
I don't think that the fish will adapt at different rates because they are all used to the same conditions.
Students have irrelevant ideas in a given context.
Have incorrect/irrelevant ideas. The one with more generations will take a longer time to adapt.

We do not think variation would affect their survival.