TELS Curriculum Projects

TELS curricula incorporate interactive software and simulations that guide students’ work so that they learn to use scientific inquiry as they examine complex topics in science. These curricula fulfill local and national standards for middle school or high school science classrooms. TELS is testing how effectively its educational technology imparts knowledge about scientific topics that our participating schools have selected for their importance and difficulty.

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TELS in the Classroom
TELS projects engage students in scientific inquiry through challenging collaborative activities that emphasize visualization, simulation and investigation, using information technology. Typically, TELS projects involve one week of computer-based activity. To guide students through the inquiry-based TELS curriculum, teachers survey students’ ideas on an individual or small group basis and then periodically address the whole class about course content.

TELS projects are designed and implemented using the Web-based Inquiry Science Environment (WISE) platform and developed according to the TELS Community design partnership model.

To see the topics currently available, visit the TELS curricula page or sign up for WISE. Registration is free and easy!