Administration Partners

TELS has collaborated with 16 school principals in four states. Together, TELS researchers, experienced educational leaders, and principals have investigated how to effectively implement and sustain innovative technology-enhanced science curricula school-wide.

TELS encourages principals to think critically about how technology-enhanced learning can be adapted to their school. TELS provided a Principals' Forum (see below) to respond to questions and perspectives.

These 16 administrators have emerged as a powerful force in the TELS effort. They designed and implemented a partnered learning workshops for TELS principals and researchers in California. This meeting included a dynamic conversation about school policy in science and technology with former California Superintendent of Education, Delaine Eastin.

Principals' Forum Focus and Activities

Principal's Questions and Perspectives Forum Activities
What is our role in TELS?
We want to be included from the beginning in conversations about TELS reform
Develop a TELS professional development model for principals

Become familiar with curricula
Is science an extra?
How can we focus on science and technology when we are below AYP in math and reading?
Review student assessment data and other indicators of success
What is the value added from using technology-enhanced curricula?
Technology should be used as a tool for learning, not taught as a subject in itself
Discuss how TELS promotes technology literacy in science.
How can we collaborate with other principals?
We want to discuss solutions to problems we all face
Disucss ways to provide technical support