TELS Teacher Certificate

The TELS project offered a three-tiered certificate for teachers who became proficient in using educational technology as part of projects that involve scientific inquiry. This certificate was designed to align with and help teachers achieve partial fulfillment of HOUSSE requirements and National Board Certification. The TELS Certificate recognizes teachers who attain excellence in fostering educational technology-enhanced learning in science.

Tier Requirements Professional Development
I: Enacter Plan and enact TELS project
Comment on student work
Reflect and customize
In-class mentoring
Initial workshop
II: Design Partner Enact and plan TELS project
Analyze student work
Reflect and customize
Participate in design team improving the TELS project
In-class mentoring
Design team workshops or retreat
III: Lead Teacher Agree to mentor teachers at TELS school
Run initial workshop
Leadership workshop
Provide in-class mentoring

To date, over 200 teachers have benchmarked and executed at least one project, over 25 teachers have joined curriculum design partnerships, and over 20 teachers have become lead teachers.