TELS Research Themes

TELS participants identified four research themes for exploring our overall research question: What impact do scientific simulations embedded in inquiry projects have on science learning? The design and investigation activities associated with these themes involve the collaboration of multiple universities, school districts, and research organizations.

Research Theme Design Activities Investigation
Curriculum Design
Designing and implementing inquiry projects with embedded, high quality simulations
TELS curriculum design process

Knowledge integration patterns
Test knowledge integration inquiry projects in classrooms of every TELS teacher

Investigate alternative designs for projects
Teacher Learning
Designing and implementing programs for teachers
TELS mentored professional development model

TELS leadership model
Test professional development in every TELS school

Evaluate programs for TELS principals, superintendents, and school boards
Designing and interpreting assessments
Knowledge integration items, rubrics and benchmark tests

Knowledge integration embedded assessments
Study student performance on knowledge integration benchmarks and learning on knowledge integration pre- and post-tests

Examine impacts of projects using embedded assessments
TELS Technologies
Designing and implementing open source information technology and building communities of designers
WISE architecture

TELS authoring system for simulations, inquiry projects, and communities

Design Principles Database
Test efficacy of software in educational design community

Expand TELS partnerships to other projects involved in technology-enhanced learning