WISE Features

Features of the WISE Platform

  • All WISE software is open source and completely free for anyone to use.
  • The WISE platform is Web-based and the interactive student, teacher, and authoring interfaces are all built using standards-based web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript).
  • Running WISE projects in the classroom requires very little in terms of computer technology - simply an internet connection, a modern web browser with Javascript enabled, and one or two common web plugins (Adobe Flash Player and Java).
  • WISE integrates computer simulations (or other content-based software) and step-by-step support for students as they engage in scientific inquiry
  • WISE supports customization of content and collection and logging of student responses to scientific models and other activities

The TELS Community curriculum projects are implemented using the WISE platform. To learn more about the features and benefits of inquiry projects built with WISE, explore the TELS Community curricula or visit the WISE homepage. Registration is free and easy!